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Question: How long will I have access to the course materials?
Answer: Course Material will be available for 270 days or nine months from the course start date.
Question: Is this a self-paced course?
Answer: It’s a hybrid. Materials will be released every 7 days from the course start date for 7 weeks straight. Once materials are released, students will be able to watch the videos and practice at their pace.
Question 3: How do you recommend proceeding through the course?

Answer: Downloading and viewing materials as soon as possible, is ideal. That will give students the maximum amount of time possible, to learn the materials, practice and execute on them, before the next set of materials is released.

Question 4: How do I join the private Facebook page?

Answer: You will receive an invite link in your welcome email. Please let us know if that does not work and we will send you an invite via Facebook.

Question: How do I access the Friday
Answer: You will receive a link to the video chat in your welcome email. Please add this to your calendar for the weekly chats.
Question: Will I be able to access the private Facebook community after the course ends?
Answer: Yes, you will be a part of the X Factor Facebook community as long as you choose.
Question 7: Will I be able to access the video chats after the course ends?

Answer: Access to the video chats will expire with your course log-in information (270 days from course start date). Look for a monthly subscription email, once your course log-in information expires. You will be able to purchase a membership to have continued access to video chats and more.

Question 8: What if I am not satisfied with the course and would like to cancel?

Answer:If you are not satisfied, you may cancel for a full refund within the first 10 days of the course start date. Upon cancellation, your log in and access information to all X Factor materials will immediately expire. Even in the event of a cancellation, we would very much, love to have your feedback!

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